• Monday, January 28th, 2013

You look at companies and how they separate their sales team, for example, and you have an account manager focused on “domestic” business and an account manager focused on “international” business. Why is there a separation or segmentation that way?

If my territory is Japan and my business card says, “Director, International Sales”, isn’t the person I’m selling to in Japan really domestic as s/he sees it?

I think a better approach is to simply remove this idea of global or domestic or international from not only the sales team, but throughout the organization. A company targeting the world, should look at the world.

By simply removing the separation, the employees and the culture within the company will start realizing that a customer in South Korea is as important and their needs should be addressed as part of a worldwide strategy, rather than a us or them.

-P. Shah (Global Strategy and Execution)

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