• Thursday, June 20th, 2013

Telephone SwitchAs I sat last night and looked at my calls scheduled for today, I realized at how quick we can cover the world with today’s technology. From our home base around San Francisco, here is what the day looks like:

  • 0730: Call with client in South Asia
  • 0800: Call with client on East Coast US
  • 0900: Call with client in Poland
  • 0930: Quick call with partner in Germany
  • 1000: Call with partner in Mountain Time Zone in US
  • 1330:  Call with client in Brazil
  • 1500:  Visit from West Coast based client
  • 1800: Call with client in China

Those are just covering calls. Emails help cover more locations with some emails to and from Australia and additional emails to Mexico and across more regions in the US. Now if I can add Africa and Antarctica, I’d be able to cover the entire world in one business day.

Different businesses, different cultures and different focus areas of interaction are all normal in a day’s work. I’ll admit this does excite me and helps me appreciate at all the business that we have around the world.

-P. Shah (Global Strategy and Execution for Businesses Worldwide)

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